It's Here! 'Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand' Arrives on the Kindle

That's right - my book Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand is now available for the Kindle, just in time for the Rugby World Cup. You can buy it via the Kindle store on Amazon, and right now it's priced low to kickstart its entry into the world. This is from the cover blurb:

"The New Zealand All Blacks are one of the most recognizable team franchises in modern sport, and their performance of the Ka Mate haka prior to international matches is known across the globe. But how many of us know anything about the Maori people to whom this haka belongs?

Ka Mate: Travels In New Zealand takes us on a three month journey around New Zealand, through the vineyards, over the glaciers, and across the fields of boiling mud. Freelance journalist and writer Dan Coxon does more than simply entertain us with anecdotes of his travels: he unravels New Zealand's complex history of migration and settlement, and reveals an intriguing story of British colonisation that still has repercussions today. Plus there's still time for a rugby match or two along the way."

For those of you who don't have a Kindle yet, there are loads of free Kindle reader apps available from Amazon, for every imaginable device - plus a physical book will follow later this year. Now, if England could just make it through to the World Cup final then everything's looking peachy...