My First Nervous Breakdown

Don't worry, I haven't finally caved under the pressures of endless coffee drinking. Instead, I've joined the fantastic line-up of writers at The Nervous Breakdown, one of the most exciting literary websites around.

What does this mean for you, the reader? Well, at the very least it'll mean more of my work online, as I'll be contributing regularly to the site, publishing travel articles, non-fiction essays, and the occasional slice of memoir. If you want a sample of what to expect, then I've just published an excerpt from my book Ka Mate on the site, entitled In Extremis: Jumping the Shark in New Zealand. Go check it out.

While you're there you should take a look around the rest of their site too, because The Nervous Breakdown has some truly great writers on board, and it's the perfect source for some (free) cultural insights. They publish fiction, essays, memoirs, reviews... it's your one-stop shop for everything literary.

In addition I will, of course, let you know when I publish anything new on the site, so make sure you 'follow' this blog for regular updates. Okay, back to the writing board...