The Review Girl tackles Ka Mate

It looks as if the publicity machine is finally starting to rumble into motion for Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand. The book has just been reviewed by book blogger The Review Girl, and we're off to a great start... a 10/10 rating, and she calls it "a must-read for travel enthusiasts, especially sport fans and Lord of the Rings movie fans!"

Yeah, I know - it sounds like I bribed her for that one. But you'll have to take my word for it that I didn't. Or, even better, take her word for it. You can read The Review Girl's thoughts on Ka Mate here, and judge for yourself. And if you still haven't bought a copy, visit my Ka Mate page for details of where you can buy this "spellbinding voyage from North Island to South Island" (Review Girl's words, not mine!).

Now, if I can just squeeze my head through the door, I'd better get back to writing...