A 700-word cure for the Post-Christmas Blues

That's it. Christmas is over for another year, your bank account is empty, your stomach is full, and your Uncle Albert will never talk to your mother again. Plus the fact that no one found the penny hidden in the Christmas pudding* means that at least half of your relatives are convinced that they've swallowed it. Happy days.

The bad news is that you have 364 days to get through before watching another Doctor Who Christmas Special. The good news? At least you didn't have to spend the festive season in sweltering 100-degree-plus temperatures.

You may not think that sounds too bad, but trust me - there's nothing worse than sweating into your cranberry sauce. So, without further ado, I present my antidote to the Post-Christmas Blues. Almost as effective as a pint of Pepto Bismol, but nowhere near as pink...

'The Climatology of Christmas' on The Nervous Breakdown

*For those not raised in the UK, Christmas pudding is a dense, black traditional dessert, best eaten with cream and brandy butter. Personally, I'd eat it all year round.