KA MATE: the Baby Sale!

My son, Jacob Coxon, is currently 10 days old. He already has a room full of toys, memorabilia, and more gadgets than 007: a jungle bouncer, a lavender scented hippo, a miniature sock monkey, teething rings, books, cloth books, Pooh, Eeyore, a sheep that makes womb noises... and a tiki.

This particular tiki traveled with us all the way from New Zealand. It was born in Rotorua, to be exact, and was carved at the traditional Maori carving school there. It now hangs on the side of Jacob's bookcase, a reminder of our travels, and the place of our own little man in the bigger scheme of things. When he screams the resemblance is uncanny.

All this preamble is bringing me slowly to my point. From now until March 4th we're running a number of discounts and promotions on my book Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand, to celebrate Jacob's arrival in the world. Think of it as a baby sale. If you haven't already read the book, it follows my adventures across New Zealand's North and South islands, descending into caves, jumping off mountains, meeting the native Maori people - and, of course, visiting the carving school at Rotorua.

Promotions are running on both the paperback edition and the Kindle ebooks, click the links below to check them out: 

Kindle ebook (US edition): $2.99 until March 4th, buy at Amazon.com.

Kindle ebook (UK edition): GBP 1.56 until March 4th, buy at Amazon.co.uk.

Paperback edition: $5 off retail price (new price $9.99). Use discount code HELBUYX5 at Createspace.com.