The Jumblies (Like The Avengers, But in a Sieve)

Those of you who know me away from the blogosphere will realise that I've been quiet lately for a very good reason. On February 15th my son Jacob was born, and since then I've been on the helter-skelter newborn ride that some of you will know only too well. Some days I've barely found the time to drink a cup of tea, never mind write a blog post.

As things slowly return to something that might almost resemble normality, so I've started to have more time at the keyboard. And that means more writing, and more posts on here. First up is my latest essay for The Nervous Breakdown - and, you guessed it, there's a baby theme. A couple of weeks ago I read Edward Lear's nonsense poem 'The Jumblies' to Jacob, and it brought with it a flood of memories, as well as a few revelations. The narrative poem about a tribe of green-headed, blue-handed travelers who set out to sea in a sieve may sound like gibberish, but there are some surprising life lessons in there. And a pig.

If you want to find out more (and even if you don't) then check out my essay Life Among the Jumblies on the TNB site. For those of you who have already gone to sea in a sieve, it might come as a welcome reassurance that you're not alone in your exploration of the Chankly Bore.

As for more writing, stay tuned... Jacob permitting, of course.