Kickstart Me Where It Hurts...

Over the last few years there's been a quiet revolution going on in literary circles. It used to be that literature was the exclusive domain of those with deep pockets and vast distribution networks, of penguins and random houses. Smaller projects vanished without a trace - if they got off the ground at all. Unless you had a generous benefactor behind the scenes an indie press might as well fold after the first book.

But the times they are a'changing. Following the example set by the music industry, more and more indie publishers are reaching out directly to their readership, and it's giving the entire industry a much-needed makeover. Even if you've never used Kickstarter, you've probably heard of it. The site allows you to create projects, appeal for funding, offer your fans some unique incentives for their generosity, then sit back and watch as your idea becomes reality. It's funding from the bottom up, and it's turning the current literary scene into one of the most exciting we've seen in years.

 I'm happy to say that I'm now involved with a Kickstarter project myself. The book comes courtesy of the indie overachievers at Artistically Declined Press, and the Kickstarter project is intended to give us a marketing budget for the interstellar launch that it deserves. What's the project? It's an anthology called Daddy Cool: a collection of writing by fathers, for fathers, and for their kids. Featuring writers like Ben Tanzer, Robert Duffer, Pete Anderson, bl pawelek, Caleb Ross, CL Bledsoe, Jason Fisk and Ryan W. Bradley - and yours truly - it promises to be a great read. Plus it recognizes another great upheaval that's happened in recent years: fathers are now squarely back on the parenting map.

Of course, we don't expect any handouts. By contributing to the Kickstarter campaign you'll be loading yourself up with all kinds of goodies, from signed copies and Daddy Cool t-shirts to a lifetime of Artistically Declined Press titles (that surely has to be a wise investment, right?). You can find our Kickstarter page here if you want to read more about the project, and the book will be available next year. In the meantime, I'd best get back to writing - and, y'know, being a dad...


  1. Hi Dan: We are very new to your blog but have been knocking around a few of your blogs reading up on your work. We found you by way of an interview you gave as a guest post on "The Review Girl" and enjoyed it so much we began checking out your other things. Best of luck with your writing and we look forward to reading your posts in the future.


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