Going Freelance - Editing, Proofreading & more

You'll notice that I've been quiet on here recently. I've been busy. Since April I've been setting up Momus Editorial, my freelance editing, copy-editing and proofreading business.

I'm pleased to say that things have gone well over the last seven months. At first there was much biting of nails as I sat hunched over my laptop, desperately hoping for some work to come in... but the workflow has been steady for two months or more now, and I'm booked up until mid-December. It's been nerve-wracking (and time-consuming) to set up a small business, but I finally feel like I'm there. In less that six months I've progressed from Basic Member of the SfEP (The Society for Editors and Proofreaders) to Intermediate Member, and I've undertaken training to make sure that my edits are up to the industry standard. As with any discipline, there's still plenty to learn - but I can edit and proofread now with confidence.

I've also had the opportunity to work on some great books. I've taken on publishers and private individuals as clients, and have been amazed at how each manuscript brings its own unique challenges. I've worked on two excellent books for Dodo Ink (Dodge & Burn by Seraphina Madsen and The Eleventh Letter by Tom Tomaszewski, both available now), and forthcoming titles from Unsung Stories and Influx Press (Pseudotooth by Verity Holloway and Signal Failure: London to Birmingham, HS2 on Foot by Tom Jefferys). All have been great reads, and a joy to work on.

All of which means that Momus Editorial is now definitely open for business, and I'm actively looking for more clients. If you're a small publisher looking for a proofreader, or a writer who wants to polish his or her manuscript before sending it out (or self-publishing), then get in touch. You can contact me direct at dan@momuseditorial.co.uk, or find me on Twitter at @DanCoxonAuthor and @MomusEditorial. I hope to start editing your manuscripts someday soon...

(By the way, all this editorial work doesn't mean that my own writing has stopped. There's more coming before the end of the year, and into next year - so watch this space!)