For Tomorrow: the Wellbrook High Yearbook 1993 - new anthology out now!

It's finally here! My latest anthology, For Tomorrow, hit shelves last week - and it's already getting rave reviews. Here's what Runalong The Shelves had to say:

This is a fascinating collection with an intriguing spin on the ideas of found footage and cursed object, but in this case it’s the character who is cursed and here are their unknown later stories. These relatively young people are, through very little fault of their own, now marked in some way. This was the type of collection where I thought I’ll just try one and then found a few hours later I’d devoured it in one sitting!

... For Tomorrow I think is one of the creepiest collections I’ve read, managing to offer varied and powerful stories and yet at no time is it ever clear what did happen in 1993 at Wellbrook, which makes it even by the end more ominous and sinister. I do wonder if we could find more lost pupils from that school in the future, but this is a standout modern horror collection well worth tracking down! Strongly recommended!
Read the full review here.

If you've missed the previews and teasers online (although frankly, I don't know how), then here's the official blurb again:
Wellbrook High is the school that needs no introduction. After the infamous events of 1993, it has become synonymous with unexpected – and unexplained – tragedy.

While what happened thirty years ago is still being unpicked by Internet conspiracy theorists, however, the lives of the handful of survivors are a matter of public record. In this recreation of the fabled Yearbook of ’93, some of the best emerging writers of horror and strange fiction revisit the years that followed the tragedy, and the lives of those who walked away on that fateful day.

Some might say they were the lucky ones. The reality is not so clear.

Featuring: Carrion ~ Lucie McKnight Hardy | Finger and Palm ~ Malcolm Devlin & Helen Marshall | Amusements ~ Verity Holloway | As I Want You To Be ~ Ray Cluley | Hyperlink ~ Polis Loizou | The Crumbling Edifice ~ Ashley Stokes | Habitual ~ Daniel Carpenter | Shadowing ~ Penny Jones | As If Your Mouth Were Sewn Shut ~ C.C. Adams | Shadow Burdens ~ Charlotte Bond | Trial ~ Phil Sloman | Comments On This Video Have Been Disabled ~ James Everington I'm also giving away six exclusive Wellbrook High pin badges to six lucky readers. These were produced for the contributors, so this is literally the only place you can get your hands on one! All you have to do is order a copy of the anthology, and post a picture of it on social media (Facebook, X, Instagram, Bluesky or Threads) once you receive it, tagging me and #wewillremember93 (where hashtags are supported!). The first six people to post pics of their copy get a badge. If only Blue Peter badges were this simple... 
You can order a copy of For Tomorrow here, direct from Black Shuck Books, or via the usual outlets.