Short Stories

My short fiction has appeared in many small press publications and journals, in both the UK and the US. The following is a selection of my stories, many of which are available to read online (in order of publication, most recent first):


Come Sing for the Harrowing (forthcoming, The Fiends in the Furrows III: Final Harvest)

Vile Jelly (Shakespeare Unleashed, July 2023)

Bodies on the Dance Floor (Unspeakable Horror 3: Dark Rainbow Rising, June 2023

London Deep (BFS Horizons #16, June 2023)

The Wives of Tromisle (Mother: Tales of Love and Terror, October 2022)

The Darkness Below (Terror Tales of the West Country, October 2022)

The High Priestess (Great British Horror 7: Major Arcana, September 2022)

The Devil's Well (The Book of Carnacki the Ghost-Finder, May 2022) 

Clockwork (Beyond the Veil, Flame Tree, Oct. 2021)

(Nightscript Vol. VI)

No One's Child (Not One of Us #63)

Goya in the Deaf Man's House (Bath Short Story Award Anthology 2019, Ad Hoc Fiction)

Far From Home (Nox Pareidolia, Nightscape Press)

Ones and Zeros (The Ghastling #10; reprinted in Terrifying Ghosts, Flame Tree, 2021)

By Black Snow She Wept (The Macabre Museum Vol. 1 Issue 1, October 2019)

After the Reservoir (BFS Horizons, #9)  

The Sea Wall (as Ian Steadman) (Hell's Empire, Ulthar Press)  

We Live in Dirt (as Ian Steadman) (Shallow Creek; STORGY)

Rut (as Ian Steadman) (Humanagerie; Eibonvale Press)

He Who Walks (as Ian Steadman) (Coffin Bell Issue 1.3, July 2018) 

Sound of the Riverbed (The Lonely Crowd, issue 9)

Feather and Twine (as Ian Steadman) (Night Light: Midnight Street Anthology 3)

Transmissions from the Vitality Pod (as Ian Steadman) (Virtual Futures, Near Futures Vol. 4)

The Worst Place in the World (Open Pen #20, November 2017)

Only the Broken Remain (as Ian Steadman) (British Fantasy Society bulletin, October 2017)

Babel (as Ian Steadman) (The Year's Best Body Horror 2017; Gehenna Books)

The Hill at Wetherton (as Ian Steadman) (STORGY, August 2017)

Empty Your Attic (Long-listed Bath Flash Fiction Award 2017; in Bath Flash Fiction Vol. 2)

(Ad Hoc Flash Fiction winner, May 2017)

Looking Glass (as Ian Steadman) (Virtual Futures, Near-Future Fictions Vol. 1)

 What You Could Have Won (performed at Liars' League London, April 2017)

All the Letters in his Van (as Ian Steadman) (Unsung Stories, March 2017)

Stanislav in Foxtown (as Ian Steadman) (Black Static, #56)

Foreign Land (as Ian Steadman) (The Lonely Crowd, Issue 5)

A Debt (Unthology 9, Unthank Books)

Invasive Species
(performed at Liars' League Portland, February 2017)

(The Lonely Crowd, website)

(The Fiction Pool)

The Way of All Flesh
(Wales Arts Review Halloween Special)

Beasts of London
(performed at Liars' League London, October 2015)

(Popshot, issue 14)

Abe Against the Machine
(Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, Vol. 8 No. 1)

What We Burned in the Fire
(The Lonely Crowd, Issue 1)

Now is the Winter
(Microfiction Monday Magazine, issue one)


Among the Pines
(Neon, #36)

Suffer No More
(Hellfire Crossroads, vol. 1)

Water Music; Sea Shanty; This is the Part
(Connotation Press, November 2013)

Not The End Of The World
(The Portland Review, Summer 2013; reprinted at Gatehouse Press)

The Claw
(Daddy Cool anthology)


Man Overboard
(Gutter, #8)

A Rock Story
(The Fiction Shelf)

DSA: Desperately Seeking Affection
(Line Zero, Volume 2 Issue 2)

Getting By
(Two Hawks Quarterly)

The Japanese Connection 

(Third Wednesday - print publication)

Day Seven 
(originally published in the Late-Night River Lights anthology, reproduced here)