Food meets Travel on The Nervous Breakdown

Those who visit this blog regularly will know that I recently started writing for The Nervous Breakdown, one of the most exciting literary websites on the web (you can read my first article, an extract from Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand, here). It's my aim to publish essays, travel articles, and general non-fiction on their site from time to time, and I'm pleased to say that my latest piece is now live.

I could waste my time by giving you a rundown of what the essay's about, but frankly you should just go read it at The Nervous Breakdown. As a hint, though, it's an exploration of why there's such an intimate connection between travel and food, and why I can recall a meal I ate in Venice ten years ago when I can't remember what I cooked for dinner last Tuesday. If that's not enough to draw you in, there's also a leaky boat, spears, and a meditation on the habits of touring sports teams.

You can read the article via the link below:

Wish You Ate Here