'Ka Mate' meets 'A Kindle in Hong Kong'

Shannon Young, who writes a fantastic blog called 'a Kindle in Hong Kong', has just given Ka Mate another lovely review on her site. I'll let Shannon take over for a moment here:

"Travel memoirs these days seem to fall into two categories: personal discovery and place discovery. Most of the travel books I've read lately fall into the personal discovery category, but this one is all about the place... if you enjoy travelogues that are focussed on comprehensive observations about the place then this book is for you."

It's great to see that readers out there are getting behind the book, and have such a clear grasp of what I was trying to achieve with it. You can read Shannon's review and my interview with her here.

Also a quick reminder: Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand is now available both as a Kindle ebook and as a physical paperback, in both the US and the UK. For full details of where to buy it visit the Ka Mate page.