Oh My Golly! The Pixies, The Weeklings, and a site called Salon

"Yo soy playero pero no hay playa / Oh my golly! / Bien perdida la surfer rosa / Oh my golly!"

For the last week I've been humming the Pixies' 'Oh My Golly!' to myself. Never mind the X-rated translation.

Why? Literary website The Weeklings published my essay Echoes From The Planet Of Sound a couple of weeks ago, and I can't stop buzzing. The essay is one of my most personal projects, a recollection of a seminal Pixies concert at Crystal Palace Bowl, and the various repercussions it's had throughout my life. It's an attempt at a different kind of music journalism, one that embraces the subjective and the personal rather than the objective.

But my excitement didn't stop there. Shortly after its publication on The Weeklings, Echoes... was picked up by Salon. Yes, that Salon. The sprawling, hugely popular arts and culture behemoth. Okay, so they renamed it. And yes, for reasons known only to them they renamed it The Pixies Blew My Mind. But man, it was Salon...

Oh my golly.