Welcoming 'The Lonely Crowd'

If you've been following me on social media, you'll know that I'm thrilled by the new literary magazine The Lonely Crowd. (If you're not following me, do it now - @DanCoxonAuthor on Twitter).

My excitement isn't purely voyeuristic. Yes, it's a beautiful-looking journal. Yes, at £6 it's possibly the bargain of the year. Yes, it has some amazing new fiction by Alison Moore, Tom Vowler, Stevie Davies, Anna Metcalfe and many more. But just as important - for me, anyway - is the fact that it also includes my short story 'What We Burned in the Fire'.

The story is a continuation-of-sorts of 'Not the End of the World', which appeared in The Portland Review in 2013. You can find out more about the ideas behind it - and the spark that inspired it - in a short essay called 'A Land in Ruins' that I wrote for the Lonely Crowd website.

If you want to read the story itself, though (and you should - I think you'll like it), then you'll need to buy the mag. Which is something you should do, for all the reasons I outlined above. It's the most exciting new literary magazine I've seen in a while, and easily worth your time and your money. Their shop is here. Go do it now.