The Tweets

So far this month I've read two articles arguing that blogs are yesterday's news, and that social media has replaced the blogosphere. In order to prove something about something, this blog post is entirely composed of this month's Tweets from @DanCoxonAuthor, edited and cleaned up to try and impose some kind of logic. Point made (whatever it was): 

Woke to the toddler shouting 'Daddy, there's poo on my finger!'. So begins another week. New writing routine: wait until wife and kids are in bed, pour large glass of whiskey. Start writing. Lately I've been finding editing more enjoyable, while writing has grown harder. Need to train my tired parent brain to do both. 

I gave the bake off everything, abandoning my marriage to sprinkles and glacé cherries. I came 6th. But at least there was cake.

Postman likes me... Received the latest issue of The Lonely Crowd. Lovely cover by Jo Mazelis. Can't wait to read it. This is brilliant: EnriqueVila-Matas on his friendship with Roberto Bolano, via The White Review.

I can't find the words to say what I need to say so I'll just say this: Best thing about staying in touch with Uni friends is you all turn 40 at the same time. Worst thing is... you all turn 40 at the same time.

Once upon a time there was a man who grew older. One day he woke to see his dead father in the mirror. He no longer buys mirrors.

Anyone know what Australia's lowest ever Test innings is? Might be in for a record here... Michael Clarke said they'd have a 'red-hot crack' this morning. Can we blame this collapse on rampant venereal disease? Not even a respectable T20 score in the end. Well done England, and Stuart Broad. Two day Test match?

Quick Twitter poll - what should I read next? Ishiguro's Buried Giant? Howard Jacobson's J? or Terrance Dicks' Doctor Who And The Mutants? Whoever re-blurbed this edition of The Bell Jar deserves an award. It now sounds like an episode of Sex & the City. Latest Structo magazine arrived today, further proof that the postman likes me. I just hope he doesn't ring twice.

Wrestling a short story that I can't quite get to work. I need a cool wrestler name. And maybe a mask. Finally watching 20,000 Days on Earth. Fascinating examination of the creative process, highly recommended. 'To act on a bad idea is better than to not act at all.'

I snuck into my kids' bedroom and photographed them while they slept. A memory card filled with what my memory couldn't hold onto.