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Dan TV

No, I haven't become a transvestite... it's not quite as exciting as that. It's just that a short chat with me has been featured online by Seattle's Mobile Publishing Lab - I talk about the Wee Book Of Scotland , and what it says on my passport, all while trying not to laugh. You can check it out on YouTube , or (hopefully) watch it below. Enjoy the chilled out intro and close-up photos of coffee, and please feel free to correct my appalling grasp of national borders...

The blog has arrived!

I've been talking about it for over a year, but it's finally here - my own dedicated blog and homepage. Check out the links on the right for my various blogs, short stories, and writing credits. The 'Books' page also includes a link to download a FREE copy of Spike Magazine: The Boo k, which features my review of Doug Coupland's The Gum Thief . Have at it! I'll be using this blog section to keep you updated on my new published fiction, book news, and general items of literary interest, both from the Seattle area and overseas. Please follow me via one of the many links on the right of the page - you have my guarantee that these will generally be entertaining, informative, and spam-free. Apart from my legendary Spam Bolognese recipe, obviously...