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Living the Dream(ing Isle)

I'm thrilled to say that This Dreaming Isle , the anthology I edited and curated for Unsung Stories, is now out in the world. It's been a long, slightly laborious birth. Officially (pre-)launched at FantasyCon in Chester this October, the book wasn't actually sent out to shops and those all-important Kickstarter backers until December. Copies seem to be landing on doorsteps at last, though, and those shops that are stocking it seem to be doing well (Foyles on Charing Cross Road are doing a roaring trade!) It's also for sale via Amazon , and for the moment at least it's available on their Prime Same-Day service. The perfect last-minute gift for the reader in your family, perhaps? As part of the book's publicity, I wrote a short piece for The Guardian outlining my Top 10 Folk Tales in Fiction (and plugging This Dreaming Isle shamelessly along the way). If you haven't already seen it, you can find my Top 10 Folk Tales in Fiction here . It's already