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'Tis the Season to be Scary

Halloween is here again, and with it comes a glut of 'best of' horror lists and spooky special issues. It's hard to think of another genre that has such a specific window for impressing the general populace. Readers who'd never dream of picking up a copy of the latest Stephen King are suddenly happy to be scared witless for a week or two, as winter begins to draw in and the darkness descends. Horror writers must have been counting down the days since the Spring. I don't consider myself a horror writer, but my output has taken a notably horrific twist in recent months. I've found myself more and more attracted to the weird and the worrisome, from dark, twisted short fiction to novels of supernatural horror. I may not be horrific enough to be a genre writer, but I've felt an undeniable pull towards the dark side. A couple of weeks ago my werewolf story ' Beasts of London ' was performed at Liars' League - you can see the live reading, and

Chasing the White Whale

Those of you who follow my Twitter or Facebook pages will know that I recently read at the Royal Festival Hall, London, as part of Moby-Dick Unabridged . The project was as crazy as it sounds: the entirety of Melville's epic novel, read over four days by an enormous team of writers, celebrities and members of the public. My little contribution was to be a ten minute reading, somewhere in the vicinity of Chapter 72: The Monkey-Rope. Even if you haven't read the book, you almost certainly know the story of Ahab, Ishmael, and the pursuit of the great white whale. It's a story of revenge and obsession, of a reckless, single-minded pursuit of one's prey that somehow becomes your entire life. It's a sentiment that every writer knows all too well. There's a reason that Moby-Dick is so beloved among writers. In Ahab's blinkered mission we see something of our own stubborn adherence to our dream. The white whale is our desire to see our work in print, to p