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Lights, Camera, Words

Writing can be a lonely profession. Most of the time it's just you, a laptop, and enough coffee to power a small submarine. If you're really lucky you might have a pet - a cat, or a dog, or a houseplant - to mutter at while you work. But occasionally writers are released into the community, at special events called Literary Festivals. When these come around we like to make the most of them, drinking far too much and partying until almost ten o'clock in the book tent. They're our chance to meet like-minded individuals, swap a few stories, make a few new contacts. Oh, and occasionally we read from our work. Last weekend I took part in the fifth Stoke Newington Literary Festival , presenting three young authors at the Litro Live! event on Sunday evening. The temperature had risen throughout the day, and our venue felt like a sweatbox by the time we came on stage. We'd all been at the festival for two days straight, catching events with Thurston Moore, Joanne Harr