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The Tweets

So far this month I've read two articles arguing that blogs are yesterday's news, and that social media has replaced the blogosphere. In order to prove something about something, this blog post is entirely composed of this month's Tweets from @DanCoxonAuthor , edited and cleaned up to try and impose some kind of logic. Point made (whatever it was):   Woke to the toddler shouting 'Daddy, there's poo on my finger!'. So begins another week. New writing routine: wait until wife and kids are in bed, pour large glass of whiskey. Start writing. Lately I've been finding editing more enjoyable, while writing has grown harder. Need to train my tired parent brain to do both.   I gave the bake off everything, abandoning my marriage to sprinkles and glacĂ© cherries. I came 6th. But at least there was cake. Postman likes me... Received the latest issue of The Lonely Crowd . Lovely cover by Jo Mazelis. Can't wait to read it. This is brilliant: EnriqueVila-