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2022: My Year in Review

  I thought I'd had a slow year for short fiction, but actually it turns out that 2022 was busier than I remembered. As well as editing Isolation: The Horror Anthology for Titan, I had four new stories published in anthologies, and one reprint.   For those who want to seek them out, the new stories were:     'The Wives of Tromisle' in Mother: Tales of Love and Terror (eds. Christi Nogle & Willow Dawn Becker , Weird Little Worlds)   My mother stands on the dock, her hands cradled in front of her as if in prayer. She wears a gray smock, the same as all the other women, her white hair pulled back into a severe bun. I wonder if she’s done it to iron out the wrinkles and creases in her forehead; if she has, then she has failed. Once the ferryboat is tied off and the warped gangplank has been thrown ashore, I follow her through the streets to her cottage. She nods to a tall, bearded man who sits mending nets on the quayside, but otherwise she ignores the frothing sea of bod