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Green Fingers Update: Reviews, Interviews and Readings

Since my micro-collection Green Fingers was published by Black Shuck Books back in April, we've had a strange few months - possibly the strangest in living memory. For obvious reasons, all our well-laid plans for launches, readings and publicity jaunts were thrown to the wolves of Covid-19, along with so much else besides. It's life, Jim, but not as we know it. On the plus side, people still seem to have been reading books during lockdown, in some cases more than ever - and the reviews have rolled in. I'm pleased to say that they've been unanimously positive so far, which makes me think that we've managed to get this little volume into the hands of the right people after all, coronavirus be damned. Ginger Nuts of Horror said: "Green Fingers demonstrates that short stories of nature gone awry can still have deep roots. These six unsettling stories will slither and ooze themselves into your subconscious." STORGY said: "Green Fing