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Your Fathers Need You...

If you've spoken to me at all in the last six months, you'll know that I've been bursting major bloodvessels in pursuit of Being Dad , an anthology of fatherhood-themed fiction which I'm editing. It started as a tiny droplet of an idea a couple of years ago, and it has now grown to overshadow most of my waking hours - and half the night too. Never mind that I've had an actual child in the interim. Every spare minute is being spent on this project. Which basically means that I don't want it to fail. And that's where you come in. We're crowdfunding the book right now, and I really, really need people to pre-order a copy, and maybe nab themselves a fancy reward or two. If you don't understand what crowdfunding is (and let's face it, who does?) then it's surprisingly simple. You can visit our page at Kickstarter , read a bit about the book, see what we have planned. Then you can pre-order the book (for a mere £10 inc. P&P), or even pled