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Burning Lightbulbs: Stories Inspired by Ride

If you follow me on Twitter , or have befriended me on Facebook, you'll know that I'm an unrepentant fan of Nineties shoegazers Ride. The news that the band has reformed, and will be playing this year's Field Day festival - as well as occasional hints that Mark Gardener, Andy Bell, Loz Colbert, and Steve Queralt might start writing new material - has already made 2015 my favourite year since... well, since the Pixies rose from the dead. (You can read my essay exploring my love of both bands at The Weeklings , or duplicated on Salon ). What you're less likely to know is that Ride have inspired my writing more than any other band, musician, or composer. They've not just been the background music while I'm writing - over the years they've provided prompts for a grand total of five stories, some more successful than others. Here's the rundown of my five Ride-inspired moments of creative genius... and failure: 1) 'Last Love' - This story was o