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Dad Again: the Positive Pressures of Fatherhood

When our son was born in February 2012, it sent seismic changes through our lives. Anyone with kids will tell you this - life on the other side is wholly different to what went before. Somehow the addition of one small person drains your days and your energy, leaving you with barely enough time to indulge in basic activities like eating or showering. To those without kids, it doesn't sound like that big a deal. To those of us who have become zombified by our offspring, it's possibly life's biggest game-changer. And for some reason we're about to do it all over again. Our second son is due any day now, and with his arrival will come the same decimation of our free time. I recently did a short interview for The Good Men Project , in which we discussed what it was like being a stay-at-home dad, and how I managed to fit my writing and editing work in alongside something as overwhelming as parenting. The simple process of talking about my role as a father, and as a write