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Only The Broken Remain on (Virtual) Tour

My collection of weird fictions, Only The Broken Remain , was finally released into the world last week, and to celebrate we went on a mini-tour. Clearly actual tours are a bad idea (not to mention illegal) in the age of Covid, so we did our best online. Hopefully you'll agree that we kicked up a storm - or at least filled a few spare minutes while you waited for the world to go back to normal... Now that it's over, I've gathered the main stops on the Only The Broken Remain Tour for your convenience. Links below will take you to the relevant blogs. There are also a few reviews already (all positive, I've glad to say) - you'll find those below the tour links.   Ready to hit the road (Jack)? Signal Boost with Pete Sutton (posted on 12 November 2020) Runalong the Shelves interview (posted on 14 November 2020) Q&A with Sarah J. Budd (posted on 15 November 2020) Weird Horror for Weird Times: in conversation with Gary Budden at Ginger Nuts of Horror (posted on 16