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2016: A Year of Reading

According to my Goodreads stats (and I have no reason to doubt them), I'll have read 60 books this year, for a total of around 16,000 pages. That's a fairly hefty number of words whichever way you look at it, and there have been untold highlights among them. (Incidentally, this doesn't include books that I've read as part of my editing and proofreading workload. Add those and it's closer to 20,000 pages.) I was tempted to write a 'Best Books of 2016' list, just like everyone else - but it would be a lie. Despite those impressive stats, there's no way I've read enough of this year's output to judge which books deserve to rise to the top of the pile. So, instead, here's my Top Ten books I've read this year. Some are new, some are old - but all were wonderful. (Note: My reading has taken a rather horrific turn this year. If you're not up for a little horror and weird fiction in the mix, turn away now...) 1. Wyl Menmuir - The Many