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March Madness: Uncanny on the Road

It's taken a while to get around to writing this post, because I've spent more time than usual on the road over the last month. Book launches, panels, festivals and conventions are part of the writer's (and editor's) life these days, but in my experience that tends to come in waves. Sometimes it's attached to a new release, but this time it appears to have been nothing more complicated than Spring finally poking its head around the corner, and the festival circuit getting back into gear.  At the end of February, I appeared at Leeds Lit Fest alongside Catriona Ward , Lucie McKnight Hardy , Mark Morris and Alison Littlewood , for a day of Contemporary Gothic-themed events. I'd helped curate this thread, so it was particularly exciting to see that both workshops sold out, and we had good crowds for the panel and my interview with Catriona. The Gothic resurgence clearly isn't showing any sign of dying off yet. Next up was York St John University on 6 March, a