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Guest blog on Travel Happy

Dan Coxon at Slope Point - the southernmost point of New Zealand's South island. The Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand   publicity machine is slowly rolling into action, and it starts with a guest blog spot on the excellent Travel Happy site. Travel Happy usually covers Thailand and Asia, but they've made an exception for me - and I'm very grateful for it! It's a great site, and it's wonderful that Ka Mate can be a part of it. You can find my guest blog via the link below, and please check out the rest of the site while you're there too - it's worthy of your support! In Search Of Men Playing With Funny Shaped Balls – One Man’s New Zealand Rugby Quest

'Ka Mate' paperback available on

The title says it all really... Today's news is that the paperback edition of Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand   is available now from, priced $14.99. The Kindle ebook edition is also on Amazon, priced $2.99 (note: these are US prices - the UK ebook is priced differently). Click here to buy the Ka Mate paperback from . That's all for now - more to come shortly. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this thought... "...I think we all have a sneaking suspicion that the Kiwis eat lamb for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then perhaps go and sit in a field full of sheep to watch the sun set."

'Ka Mate' paperback available now!

Good news for those of you who can't wait to get your hands on a copy of Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand . Amazon will be selling the book from next week onwards, and I'll be posting details here when they do - but before that you can buy your copy of Ka Mate direct from the Createspace website. Buying it from Createspace will require you to create an account on the website, but it's quick and easy - and yes, they do ship to the UK as well as the US. Alternatively, of course, you could wait for the Amazon announcement next week... Click here to buy Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand from Createspace . The book is also still available as an ebook from both and . Click the links for the relevant download pages.

'Ka Mate' on Kindle now, paper book later this month!

Several people have asked about a physical release for Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand , so here's the skinny (does anyone know where that saying comes from?). We're expecting the physical release of Ka Mate to be on sale late September, while the Rugby World Cup is still in full swing. The best way to stay informed is to follow this blog - we'll be announcing a release date shortly, and you'll find out about it here first. In the meantime, Ka Mate is available as a Kindle ebook right now, for those of you with a Kindle (or who can download a free Kindle reading app from the Amazon store). It's available on and , and is priced very competitively to get sales started - make the most of our generosity while you can! If you're following the Rugby World Cup you may also want to check out the official Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand   blog , where we've just listed our Five Lessons from the early games of the World Cup 2011 . We&#

Rugby World Cup is underway... with a little help from Jonah

Photo: Some rights reserved by If you know anything at all about rugby, it won't have escaped your attention that the World Cup officially started yesterday in Auckland. And yes, the 'rugby legend' they'd promised was none other than Jonah Lomu - did any of us not see that coming? I posted a Jonah Lomu-themed excerpt from my book Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand on the book's official blog yesterday, and if you missed it you can still read about the big man's exploits here - Jonah Lomu leads the World Cup opening ceremony There's a highlights video of Lomu's career too, so if you need reminding of why he's a legend then you'll want to check that out. As for the rest of the World Cup, New Zealand have had their day in the sun... but will they make it through to the finals? Remember to check out Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand at the Kindle store for more on rugby, wine, sheep, and Lord of the Rings . No cultural

It's Here! 'Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand' Arrives on the Kindle

That's right - my book Ka Mate: Travels in New Zealand is now available for the Kindle, just in time for the Rugby World Cup. You can buy it via the Kindle store on Amazon , and right now it's priced low to kickstart its entry into the world. This is from the cover blurb: "The New Zealand All Blacks are one of the most recognizable team franchises in modern sport, and their performance of the Ka Mate haka prior to international matches is known across the globe. But how many of us know anything about the Maori people to whom this haka belongs? Ka Mate: Travels In New Zealand takes us on a three month journey around New Zealand, through the vineyards, over the glaciers, and across the fields of boiling mud. Freelance journalist and writer Dan Coxon does more than simply entertain us with anecdotes of his travels: he unravels New Zealand's complex history of migration and settlement, and reveals an intriguing story of British colonisation that still has re