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Of Monkeys and Bicycles

If you've been following my Twitter feed (or have friended me on Facebook) you'll know that I have a new gig. At the end of last year I started writing book reviews for esteemed literary journal Monkeybicycle , and there are now enough online to make it worth shouting about. If you're not familiar with Monkeybicycle , check out their online content while you're at it, and consider buying a copy of the print journal too. It's been running since 2002, so it's here to stay. Previous contributors have included the likes of Steve Almond, Ryan Boudinot, Sarah Silverman, J. Robert Lennon and Patton Oswalt, so I'm in fine company. My reviews to date on the Monkeybicycle site are as follows. I'll try to update this as more are published: Book Review: Percival Everett by Virgil Russell by Percival Everett Book Review: The Fifty Year Sword by Mark Z. Danielewski Book Review: Spectacle by Susan Steinberg Book Review: Building Stories by Chris Ware Boo