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London, Litro and the Expat Experience

In the last six months my life has undergone a major upheaval. I've moved away from the Pacific Northwest and returned to England - specifically, the London suburbs where I grew up. The move generated hundreds of cardboard boxes (many of which are still clogging our garage), more than a few broken or missing items, and a general feeling of unease. Luckily not everything associated with it was so negative. Since returning to London I have been appointed Non-Fiction Editor for literary website , a role that I'm already enjoying. Which brings me to my point: we need your essays. We're aiming to publish one non-fiction essay every Saturday, so we need a constant flow of high-quality writing. We're open to travel writing, memoir, personal essays, experimental non-fiction... If it's interesting and well-written, we'd love to take a look at it. The upper word limit is 2000 - but if it blows us away, we may forget that temporarily. You can submit your essa